ingredients to use and not to use on your car
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ingredients to use and not to use on your car

The products that you use to wash and wax your car will have a significant impact on how long the paint on your car looks nice. If you use products containing certain ingredients, the clear-coat can fail and leave your car looking terrible. So, what ingredients should you find by reading the labels on each product? What should you be looking for to protect the finish of your car and what should you avoid using at all times? These and many other questions about the care of your car's paint can be found right here on my auto body blog.


ingredients to use and not to use on your car

Three Reasons You'll Regret Leaving Poor Brakes in Your Car

Viivi Kumpula

It doesn't matter how powerful your car is or which state-of-the-art systems you have installed. If you have bad brakes, what you have is not a car but an accident waiting to happen.

Many car owners will panic at the first sign of a malfunctioning brake system, but there are others who are willing to overlook certain issues. There are many people who are not daunted by spongy brakes and other issues as long as the brakes still work in some capacity. This is a potential disaster in more ways than one.

You're an Accident Waiting to Happen

When you have poor brakes, you are an accident waiting to happen. Even if you can eventually get your brakes to work, it is not good enough. How often have you or the driver on the lane next to you had to suddenly stop because someone or something suddenly ran across the road?

There are many situations where you'll need to stop the car instantly. If you have to take a few seconds to bring your car to a stop, it may be too late.

You Become a Liability Magnet

One of the most complicated issues in an accident is identifying the party that was at fault. Many drivers assume that it should be obvious based on certain factors. However, courts often have to look at many other factors as well, and insurance companies are aware of this. If they can find any reason to pin the blame on you instead, you can be sure they'll exploit it. At the very least, they can use this to reduce the amount of payout you get even if you were the victim in the accident.

You're Causing More Damage to Your Brakes

When your brakes are in bad shape, continuing to use them will not do them a world of good. As with any mechanical systems, any small issue can cascade, leading to further damage to the same components or other parts of the system. This is how a problem that could have been solved by changing the brake fluid becomes a brand-new brake system.

Your Insurance Company Will Make You Pay

In case you're in an accident because of faulty brakes and it's known that you were aware of this issue, your insurance company could punish you with very high premiums. This could make car ownership very expensive for you. It's cheaper to just stop by a car repair shop, such as George's Eastside Shell, today.