ingredients to use and not to use on your car
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ingredients to use and not to use on your car

The products that you use to wash and wax your car will have a significant impact on how long the paint on your car looks nice. If you use products containing certain ingredients, the clear-coat can fail and leave your car looking terrible. So, what ingredients should you find by reading the labels on each product? What should you be looking for to protect the finish of your car and what should you avoid using at all times? These and many other questions about the care of your car's paint can be found right here on my auto body blog.


ingredients to use and not to use on your car

Want To Advertise In A Different Way? Use A Car Wrap

Viivi Kumpula

There are many ways to advertise a business, from putting up signs to putting ads on the radio. Another way that is not expensive is using a car wrap. You pay to have the car wrap placed on your car, and then you have advertising anywhere you drive. Below you will find information on how vehicle wraps are placed on your car, as well as some tips on using the wrap to advertise.

Car Wrap Installation

In order to do a car wrap, you need to hire a professional because the process can be tedious and takes time. The car wrap is made of vinyl and comes in a variety of colors. This means you could completely change the color of your car without painting it. 

The condition of your car makes a difference. For example, the current paint job must be good, as an old paint job would result in a bad car wrap. If your car has a lot of scratches, they will show through the car wrap. If you have paint on your car that is flaking, the car wrap will not adhere to the car.  

Before the shop gets started, they will wash your car thoroughly to remove all dirt and debris from the paint surface. A blower is used after the car dries to remove any dust that may be left behind.  The vinyl is then cut to fit the different areas of your car. As the vinyl is placed on the car, a heat gun is used to adhere it. 

Car Wrap Advertising

You need to determine the type of advertisement you want so you can show the installer. This includes all colors you want to use, lettering, and images. This is generally done in layers. The first layer will be the standard car wrap, and the second layer will be the car wrap that has the graphics. 

Do not put a lot of lettering and graphics on your car wrap. People that see your car should be able to read your advertisement quickly. Your message should be very clear. Include your phone number and address. If you do not want to show the address, the phone number will be enough. 

Choose colors that stand out, but not too much color to make the advertisement hard to read quickly.

Take your car to an installer to learn much more about how car wraps are installed and the cost of doing this.