ingredients to use and not to use on your car
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ingredients to use and not to use on your car

The products that you use to wash and wax your car will have a significant impact on how long the paint on your car looks nice. If you use products containing certain ingredients, the clear-coat can fail and leave your car looking terrible. So, what ingredients should you find by reading the labels on each product? What should you be looking for to protect the finish of your car and what should you avoid using at all times? These and many other questions about the care of your car's paint can be found right here on my auto body blog.


ingredients to use and not to use on your car

  • 4 Common Bumper Damages Your Car May Sustain In Low-Speed Accidents

    16 December 2022

    If you think your car bumpers are aesthetic pieces that give your car an excellent style, you need to change your mind. Bumpers are the first line of defense that takes the full brunt of the impact during a low-speed accident, protecting you from injuries and your car from damage. However, as they protect you and your car, they usually take a beating. This article will explore the four common damages your bumpers may sustain in a low-speed accident.

  • The Benefits Of Using A Media Blasting Service When Fixing Or Stripping Your Car's Paint Job

    22 September 2022

    Is your car's paint job not looking so hot these days? Do you need to remove a variety of contaminants that have taken up seemingly permanent residence within the paint? Maybe you even want to take things further and strip all of the car's paint completely so you can start over with a fresh coat. Regardless of how far you intend to go when cleaning or restoring your car's paint, one option you might want to look into would be to remove those contaminants or unwanted paint via media blasting.

  • Ceramic Car Coating 101: Facts You Need To Know

    11 July 2022

    If you have been looking at different options for preserving the condition of your car's paint finish, one of the things that you might be thinking about is ceramic car coating. When it comes to the protection that you'll get from a ceramic coating, there are some essential things that you need to know. Here's a look at some of the key considerations that you should keep in mind when it comes to your car's paint job and the application of a ceramic coating to protect it.

  • 4 Reasons You Should Schedule Professional Auto Collision Repair After An Accident

    8 April 2022

    After an auto accident, you are encouraged to seek medical attention first before anything else. After confirming that you are out of danger, your next worry should be to assess the state of your vehicle. Whether the crash was minor or major, it is important to take your car to the auto collision repair experts for a thorough inspection and relevant repair services. Take a look at some of the reasons you need professional collision repair services.