ingredients to use and not to use on your car
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ingredients to use and not to use on your car

The products that you use to wash and wax your car will have a significant impact on how long the paint on your car looks nice. If you use products containing certain ingredients, the clear-coat can fail and leave your car looking terrible. So, what ingredients should you find by reading the labels on each product? What should you be looking for to protect the finish of your car and what should you avoid using at all times? These and many other questions about the care of your car's paint can be found right here on my auto body blog.


ingredients to use and not to use on your car

  • 5 Ways to Prevent a Vinyl Car Wrap from Bubbling during and after Installation

    12 April 2016

    A car wrap is an ideal way to advertise your small business, whether you're a home repair expert or a certified dog walker. However, bubbles often form between the vinyl and your car's exterior and ruin the smooth look of a full wrap. Keep the vinyl smooth for years to come by making sure the professional installer follows all of these practices to prevent air bubbles. Constant Smoothing In order to stretch the vinyl evenly and get a strong adhesion between the material and the car's paint, the installer must use a heavy-duty squeegee to constantly apply pressure in the right direction.

  • Auto Accidents: Why Will A Collision Shop Inspect Your Car For Mechanical Problems?

    4 December 2015

    If you were in a car accident and need minor auto body repairs, a collision shop may want to inspect your car for mechanical problems before it repairs the structural damage. You may decide to skip the inspection and have your car's body work completed instead, especially if the car doesn't show signs of mechanical failure right now. However, it's critical that the shop finds and diagnoses engine problems right away to avoid complications with the car later on.

  • 3 Reasons Not To Mess With DIY Auto Repairs And Maintenance

    16 October 2015

    The last time you drove away from an auto repair facility, you may have sworn to yourself that the next time your car needed repairs of maintenance, you would do it yourself instead of paying the mechanics' fees. This a noble ambition -- and it fact it does make good sense to learn basic repair and maintenance techniques, in the event that you find yourself stranded somewhere without aid. But is it really all that sensible as a general practice?

  • Does Your RV Need Collision Repairs? Four Living Section Systems That Should Also Be Checked Out

    10 July 2015

    When your RV is involved in traffic accident, repairing it is a bit more complicated than patching up the average car. Your home on wheels has hidden wires, tanks and water lines that may need adjusted or fixed. The following four systems should be checked anytime you get RV collision repairs. Water System and Holding Tanks Self contained RVs have three holding tanks to worry about. They are typically made of durable plastic.